Weight Difference Terms & Conditions


In these terms where the content so permits the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Consignment”: means any article or articles of any sort which may be, or be intended to be, received by the Company from any one consignor at any one address for carriage and 

“Company” (or) “Website”: refers to  

“Customer or Consignor”: refers to the person or company who is booking or sending the consignment. 

“Recipient or consignee”: refers to the person or company who is receiving the consignment or intended to receive the consignment as per the booking 

By booking the courier on this website you hearby agree that that you are accepting that you will not be sending any item mentioned in the list below:

  • If there is any difference in weight or sizes of the booked parcel from the weight declared * while booking the order, then the company reserves the right to collect the additional cost incurred for processing the difference in weight of the parcel.
  • Do feel free to contact in case of any queries or questions on this.

    By booking the courier you are hearby accepting our terms & conditions and appointing company as your agent for the purpose of custom clearance and if applicable customs duty should be paid.

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