Ship Suitcase Internationally

Are you trying to send suitcase abroad?

We offer unbelievable prices for shipping luggage worldwide, with our Door To Door service to make your shipping experience smoother. You can track your parcel online, and we guarantee the highest security and safety. Whether you’re moving across the country or sending boxes to and from college, we provide the most affordable and reliable shipping method to overseas destinations.

Things to be careful about while shipping suitcases internationally

  • Avoid using designer or lightweight shell suitcases and spinner ones, as they may become damaged in transit. 
  • Secure, extendable suitcase handles with tape to prevent them from deploying during transit. 
  • Do not lock your suitcase; use a cable tie or string to secure the zips.
  •  Attach your labels securely using Get My Parcel label holders, designed for transit. 
  • You can order label holders during booking or through your account. If you don’t have time for label holders to arrive, use tape that doubles back on itself to attach your label securely to the front of your suitcase. 
  • Include a backup label inside your suitcase.
  •  Do not pack any prohibited items in your suitcase (Check the list of prohibited items)
  • Include a packing list with your shipment and any necessary customs documentation. 
  • Attach your address label and packing list in separate label holders to be visible. 

NOTE: Don’t include prohibited items inside the Box to view the prohibited items Click Here

Wrap Suitcase for safety

How to measure the Suitcase

*Measure from ground level

What is volumetric weight?

Our pricing policy is based on the package’s actual or volumetric weight, whichever is greater. For instance, if you are shipping a box with dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 40cm, its maximum volume would be calculated as length x breadth x weight/5000, which in this case would be 3.2kg. Therefore, even if the actual weight of the box is less than 3.2kg, you will be charged for 3.2kg.
In another scenario, if your box has a volumetric weight of 3.2kg but contains an item weighing 5kg, you will be charged for the actual weight of 5kg instead of the volumetric weight of 3.2kg. To calculate the volumetric weight of your box, please refer to the link provided.

Click here to know more about volumetric weight

How Delivery Works

We made the process easy for your convenient. You can simply complete your booking in 4 easy steps 

1. Book Online

First you need to book the parcel service from our website.

2. Print Label

Print the label that you will get after booking and attach it with the parcel.

3. Our Team Will Come

After that our team will come to pick parcel at the informed date.

4. Delivery

At last the parcel will be shipped and delivered to you safely.

Save your money with us

If you are indeed looking for the cheapest way to ship luggage, GetMyParcel offers the most reliable parcel service in the industry with competitive rates for students and travelers with DPD tracking, ie, you can conveniently ship your luggage worldwide and track it using your tracking number which we provide. GetMyParcel is your cost-effective solution for shipping luggage.

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