Shipping Boxes Internationally

Are you concerned about send boxes overseas?

Say goodbye to the hassle of shipping boxes. You can ship boxes internationally through We offer door-to-door service to facilitate your shipping and make it easier. You can also track your parcel online, ensuring it is safely and securely delivered. Whether you are moving to a new college or relocating across the country, we provide the cheapest way to send boxes overseas.

Find the perfect shipping boxes for all your needs

You can use sturdy double-walled cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes for shipping. Choosing the right box size is important based on the number of items you need to ship. However, we recommend you use solid, double-walled boxes. 

NOTE: Here is a suggestion for purchasing boxes: select a box that matches the volume of your belongings, and avoid overpacking. Consider buying multiple boxes or larger boxes if you have many items. For heavy items, it is advisable to choose heavy-duty boxes.

How to pack boxes

  1. Ensure that all items are packed tightly inside the box and that there are no empty spaces. For fragile or breakable items, wrap them with bubble wrap to protect them during transit.


  2. Make sure that you do not pack any prohibited items in the box. Click here to see the list of prohibited items.


  3. Do not exceed the weight or capacity limit of the box while packing.


  4. To prevent items, use cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or clothing to fill any gaps or empty spaces in the package.


  5. To properly secure the box, use tape to seal the folded flaps at the top and bottom and in a loop around the box from back to front and from side to side. Taping along the box’s seams is also recommended for extra reinforcement.


  6. Wrapping the box with plastic wrap can also provide additional protection, especially for heavier boxes weighing over 15 kilograms, and guard against rain when transporting the box outside.

    NOTE: Don’t include prohibited items inside the Box to view the prohibited items Click Here
Don't use weak boxes
Don't over stuff
Wrap your Box for safety

How to measure the boxes

*Measure from ground level

What is volumetric weight?

Our pricing policy is based on the package’s actual or volumetric weight, whichever is greater. For instance, if you are shipping a box with dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 40cm, its maximum volume would be calculated as length x breadth x weight/5000, which in this case would be 3.2kg. Therefore, even if the actual weight of the box is less than 3.2kg, you will be charged for 3.2kg.
In another scenario, if your box has a volumetric weight of 3.2kg but contains an item weighing 5kg, you will be charged for the actual weight of 5kg instead of the volumetric weight of 3.2kg. To calculate the volumetric weight of your box, please refer to the link provided.

Click here to know more about volumetric weight

How Delivery Works

We made the process easy for your convenient. You can simply complete your booking in 4 easy steps 

1. Book Online

First you need to book the parcel service from our website.

2. Print Label

Print the label that you will get after booking and attach it with the parcel.

3. Our Team Will Come

After that our team will come to pick parcel at the informed date.

4. Delivery

At last the parcel will be shipped and delivered to you safely.


Do you need more assistance?

Don’t worry our team will help you in the best way. We are available all day along you can clear your queries and doubts instantly with us please feel free to contact us.

Save your money with us

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