Uninsured Items


In these terms where the content so permits the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Consignment”: means any article or articles of any sort which may be, or be intended to be, received by the Company from any one consignor at any one address for carriage and 

“Company” (or) “Website”: refers to  

“Customer or Consignor”: refers to the person or company who is booking or sending the consignment. 

“Recipient or consignee”: refers to the person or company who is receiving the consignment or intended to receive the consignment as per the booking 

By booking the courier on this website you hearby agree that that you are accepting that you will not be sending any item mentioned in the list below:

  • We currently do not support Insuring a courier that you send with us. However, you are free to insure your courier / consignment with any insurance provider as you seem fit, which will ofcourse not be tracked within
  • If you decide to insure your courier that you are sending using services, and in the event of a claim, then the Company shall not get involved with any aspects of the claim and Company’s liability will be limited to providing information / order documentation as available with the company and governed by GetMyParcel terms and conditions.
Do feel free to contact in case of any queries or questions on this.
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