Prohibited Items


Please be aware that certain items, or items with similar descriptions or contents, are strictly prohibited from being transported through our services.

If a person sends such items, their order may be canceled, and they will not be eligible for a refund. In the event that the item is collected, it will not be covered by compensation cover.

Animals Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead), Human Remains / Ashes, Counterfeit Goods, Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Goods, Weapons (Including Replicas), Ammunition, Fire Extinguisher, Explosives, Flammable Items, Compressed Gas, Biological Samples / Tests, Infectious Substances, Nail Polish, Perfume /, Aftershave (All), Alcohol, Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, Drugs (All – Including Prescription), Assortment of Medications (Including Vitamins, Creams, Powders, etc.), Lottery Tickets, Pornography, Cash / Coins / Cheques (All), Credit/Debit/Cash Cards, Passport / Legal Documents, Stamps (Unless Franked), Vouchers, Car / Vehicle Parts (All), Engine/Motor/Generators, Car Batteries, Electric Bicycles / Wheelchairs, Sinks, Toilets, Settee / Sofas, Animal Products (including dried items containing dairy), Meat, Fur, Gold, Batteries (All), Powerbanks/Portable Chargers, Printer Toner (International Parcels Only), Air Bag, Hoverboards / E-Scooters, Christmas Crackers, Hair, Filth, Knives (all), Paint, Oil, Ski Wax, Slush Syrup, Tea / Teabags / Herbs, Plants, Juice

Please ensure that you comply with these restrictions to avoid any issues with your shipment.

No Compensation Items

Please be aware that the items listed below, or any similar items in terms of description or content, can only be transported without compensation on our services. While these items can be sent, if they are damaged or lost, they will not be covered by compensation cover

Amber, Antique, Art / Artwork, Bottle, Bulbs, Camera, Canvas Print, Ceramics, Chandelier China, Clock, Computer, Concrete, Confectionary / Candy, Crockery, Crystal, Delicate Items, Detergent, Diamonds,  Dinner Set, Documents, Electronics (Appliances, Devices, Tools, Computers, etc.), Fiberglass, Figurine, Fishing Rods, Food, Fragile Items (All), Framed Painting / Photographs / Art, Furniture, Gems Or Gemstones, Glass, Gold, Hamper, Headlight, Jewelry, Lamp, Lenses, Lighting, Marble, Microscope, Mirror, Musical Instruments, Ornament, Packaging, Painting, Pewter Figures, Picture Frames, Plates, Porcelain, Pot, Pottery, Precious, Metals, Printer, Projector, Resin, Scanner, Screens / Monitors / Televisions, Silver, SIM Cards, Spectacles, Stoneware, Tea Set, Telescope, Television, Tickets, Tiles, Torches, Vase, Watch, Window / Window Frames

Please ensure that you understand and accept the no-compensation basis for these items before sending them, as they will not be eligible for compensation in case of damage or loss.

Restrictions on Sending Medical Items, Foodstuffs, Animal Products, and Cosmetic Items to the EU

Please note that our courier partner is currently unable to ship certain items to the EU due to Sanitary and Phytosanitary restrictions. 

  • To ensure a smooth shipping process and to avoid potential issues, please review the following list of restricted items. 
  • Any shipment containing these items or similar ones may undergo extensive customs checks.
  •  In cases where customs cannot clear the items, they may be returned to the origin without prior notice or refund. 

Please carefully check the list below to ensure that the items you are sending are not prohibited for these routes

  1. Medication / Medical Items:
  • Medical Devices
  • Drugs/Medication (including supplements and vitamins)
  • Items for medical use (e.g., dental retainers, contact lenses)
  1. Cosmetic Items
  • Liquids (perfumes, cologne, aftershave)
  • Creams, gels, lotions
  • Sprays (deodorants, air fresheners, etc.)
  • Soaps
  1. Foodstuffs
  • Perishable Foodstuffs (all types)
  • Items containing animal products (e.g., dairy milk chocolate, coffee products containing dried milk, protein powder, etc.)
  • Unprocessed or prepared animal-derived food items, such as meats, fish, or other animal products
  • Edible items including nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables (both fresh and dried), as well as oils (including cooking oils and items preserved in oil)

Additionally, please note that there is a restriction on the amount of non-prohibited foodstuffs (such as crisps/chips, biscuits/cookies without any dairy chocolate, or hard candy) allowed within a single consignment. The total weight of allowed foodstuffs must not exceed 3kg per consignment (not per parcel).

Please ensure compliance with these restrictions to avoid any potential delays or complications during customs clearance.


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