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What is a Selfie Contest?

  • GetMyParcel offers to everyone who would promote their experience in using GetMyParcel in Social Media (Facebook or Instagram) a discount across all its services. It’s our way of saying thanks for all the incredible work you have done to support us.

  • This offer offers a Cashback on the Total Order Amount of 5%.

  • is a 5 Star rated Logistics service for International and National Logistics service at great prices.

  • Explore our wide range of services on using your Selfie Contest Application after your Purchase at Checkout. 

About GetMyParcel

GetMyParcel is a Digital Courier Service in the UK, which allows you to book a courier online to/from any International Destination for e.g. UAE, Philippines, India, China, USA, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria or any Country worldwide.

Any Country
Any Weight
Any Size

Trusted by UK


How to avail for the Selfie Contest Cashback?

There are few ways to utilise your Selfie Contest discount, if you are raising an order on

Your experience with us typically begins by raising an order with us. If you already have a login id, simply login into website, and raise an order as usual and use our services. After your courier is delivered, simply post your positive experience on Facebook / Instagram with your selfie and our logo. 

Simply send us your selfie with getmyparcel logo (below) to with a request to apply the discount, and we will send the advertised cashback % of your order.


Read more about how to embed this logo with your selfie below.

How to send a parcel through GetMyParcel?

Simply book the order online, and then our customer service agent will take care of the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Cashback scheme is available for anyone and everyone, who has used our service and has shared his selfie on the social media, and has shared their social media post to GetMyParcel operations by sending email at – the email address mentioned below.

The amount can only be transferred to the same account (or) card from which the original order payment was done, hence immaterial of who claims(or) posts the social media picture

Our Cashback offers are only available to be claimed for all orders made online, on website, and by contacting GetMyParcel operations via email mentioned below

This is a Cashback offer, which is to be applied on an Courier Order on and paid back to the customer’s account or card from which the original order was placed. This amount cannot be collected to a Discount card (or) as Cash.

All cashback will be sent to the same account from which the payment was made. No other accounts can be entertained as per the terms of this offer.

No, there is no limit to the cashback amount, which is defined as % of Order amount as mentioned in the terms and conditions of this Offer.

No, this offer cannot be  conjunction with other offers on, except with offers which are marked as such. Typically, only one offer can be applied for one order

No, one of the key conditions for claiming this offer is to post the Selfie in FB or Instagram.

Yes, that can be done, provided the post of posted along with your parcels. Do not post with your pets or any other animals or random background

Claiming Selfie Contest Cashback

In order to claim the selfie contest cashback, please send an email to along with your Order Number.

Terms and Conditions

Offer Terms and conditions
  •, hereinafter is referred to as – GetMyParcel;  Facebook or Instagram hereinafter referred to as Social Media
  • This offer is applicable for Individual worldwide (hereinafter called as claimant or individual) , who has raised an order with, and has posted their selfie on Facebook or Instagram promoting our Products and Services
  • This offer is not valid for claim for employees of GetMyParcel (or) Ekapital
  • This offer is not valid for any of our business customer’s (B2B) employees if they have raised orders for the business, and not themselves.  This offer does not restrict employees to raise orders themselves for their personal needs and claim this offer.
  • This offer does not warrant itself to a location of the individual, and is available for any citizen internationally provided the conditions of this offer is met.
  • The offer percentage cashback offered is on the Total order number, including Taxes
  • The offer can only be paid to the same mode of payment (Bank account or Card) from which the original order was purchased. 
  • In the absence of the GetMyParcel Operations team unable to make the payment to any of these modes, we reserve the right to offer an alternative payment model, after validating the account details (or) as a Credit Note on the platform, which will be under the sole discretion of the GetMyParcel Operations and is to be decided on a case by case basis.
  • Although we do intend to execute this offer in all good faith and without prejudice to be open for any fraudulent behaviour by any of the customers, it is to be duly noted that this offer is NOT absolute and doesn’t warrant any right to the customer for receiving this Cashback, irrespective of whether or not fulfilling the rules of this offer of postig their selfies on Social Media. In other words, GetMyParcel Operations team reserves full right to deny this payment, without giving any reasons thereof to the claimant. 
  • All Logos, trademarks, brand or any such artefacts – collectively called IP Rights – that will be used in this Selfie by the claimant, remains and will continue to remain  the sole property of, and the customer will, under no circumstances, will own any part of the IP Rights in any regard, by posting this Selfie in social media.
  • The company or – WILL NOT be – liable / or held liable / responsible / or held responsible for – any impacts on the claimant, under any context or pretext – social, economical (or) any impacts due to the posting of this Selfie (or) for any tools – software or otherwise – used to post this selfie (or) for any experience – online or otherwise – involved in claiming this offer of any kind, for posting this selfie or any other involved in this act. All liability / responsibility will lie with the claimant itself, and will be under the full responsibility/ authority for claiming this offer.