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Merry Christmas - 5% Off your Order

  • GetMyParcel offers all customers across UK and worldwide a discount on all its services. It’s our way of saying thanks to all our customers.
  • This offer offers a Discount on the Total Order Amount of 5% on the GetMyParcel Order Amount.
  • is a 5 Star rated Logistics service for International and National Logistics service at great prices.
  • Explore our wide range of services on using your  Promo code – SEND5  – when you Purchase at Checkout.
  • This offer expires on 31/12/2022 

About GetMyParcel

GetMyParcel is a Digital Courier Service in the UK, which allows you to book a courier online in the convenience of your home to/from any International Destination for e.g. UAE, Philippines, India, China, USA, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria or any Country worldwide.

Any Country
Any Weight
Any Size

Trusted by UK


How to avail MERRY CHRISTMAS Discount?

There are few ways to utilise your MERRY CHRISTMAS discount, for an order on

If you already have a login id, simply login into website, and raise an order as usual. At the order confirmation page, as shown in the image below, you can enter the MERRY CHRISTMAS Promo code (SEND5), make the payment and complete the payment. 

If you do not have a login id, you would need to register yourself with your email, in order to raise an Order on Once order is raised, and if you have NOT APPLIED the Promo code, you could send an email to to claim this offer. Do note the terms and conditions below to claim this offer.

How to send a parcel through GetMyParcel?

Simply book the order online, and then our customer service agent will take care of the rest.


Thinking to Send something ?

Get an Instant Quote now ! Simply choose your Source and Destination countries and mention an approximate weight to get some indication, and go from there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our discounts scheme is available for Anyone who wants to move goods in the following countries. 

Exporting Countries: 


Importing Countries:


Our Christmas discounts are only available to be claimed for all orders made online, on website.

No, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers on

This is a Promo Code only offer, which is to be applied on an Courier Order on

This is a discount on the Order Price and not a Cashback offer. Once the promo code is applied, this discount will reflect on the order price immediately.

No, there is no limit to the offer amount amount, and is defined as flat % fee of Order amount as mentioned in the terms and conditions of this Offer.

No, this offer cannot be  conjunction with other offers on, except with offers which are marked as such. Typically, only one offer can be applied for one order.

No, this Offer will need to be claimed by the user explicitly by mentioning the PROMO CODE which is mentioned in this offer detail page above. 

Yes, as long as the Product is not collected, Offer can be claimed. If the order is already raised, then contact customer service via email at to request the team to apply the promo code. If the payment is already made, then you may be issued a Credit Note for use in future orders. 

If the order is already collected, then this Promo Code cannot be claimed after this point. 

A user can claim this promo code only for the orders raised on (via web or email or phone – which are recorded on and have Not been collected yet.

Once the order is collected, then Promo code cannot be claimed. 

This offer expires on the expiry date mentioned at the top of this page. 

This offer is not available for claim on any order after the offer expiration date as mentioned at the top of this page.

Terms and Conditions

Offer Terms and conditions,  hereinafter is referred to as – GetMyParcel

  • This offer is applicable for Individuals worldwide (hereinafter called as offer claimant or claimant or individual), who has raised an order with
  • Offers applicable only on the specific countries export and import.

Applicable Exporting Countries (Export out of UK)

  • USA
  • UAE

Applicable Importing Countries (Import into UK)

  • UAE
  • NEW ZEALAND     
  • This offer is not valid for claim for employees or close relatives of GetMyParcel (or) Ekapital Ltd.
  • This offer is not valid for any of our business customer’s (B2B) employees if they have raised orders for the business, and not themselves.  This offer does not restrict employees to raise orders themselves for their personal needs and claim this offer.
  • This offer does not warrant itself to a location of the individual, and is available for any citizen internationally provided the conditions of this offer is met.
  • The offer percentage discount offered is on the Total order number, including Taxes. In case of any contention on the offer, all decisions by GetMyParcel operations team will be final.
  • The offer should be applied on the Order, as a Promo Code.  either by connecting with the Operations team or by directly entering the Promo code on the order while raising it online.
  • A user can claim this promo code only for the orders raised on (via web or email or phone – which are recorded on and have Not been collected yet. Once the order is collected, the Offer / Promo code cannot be claimed.

  • For all Past orders which have not been executed and are deemed as Cancelled by GetMyParcel Operations team, this Offer /Promo code is not applicable.

  • This offer is not valid for all order raised after the offer expiry date, even if the collection date is after the expiry date.  
  • This offer is not available for any orders raised on any partner websites of or any other auxillary services, and is limited to the services offered on only. 
  • This offer is available only for all Businesses and Individuals, with the exception of Agents, for whom this offer is not applicable.
  • Although we do intend to execute this offer in all good faith and without prejudice to be open for any fraudulent behaviour by any of the customers, it is to be duly noted that this offer is NOT absolute and doesn’t warrant any right to the customer for receiving this discount, irrespective of whether or not fulfilling the rules of this offer. In other words, GetMyParcel Operations team reserves full right to deny this discount, without giving any reasons thereof to the claimant. 
  • All Logos, trademarks, brand or any artefacts related to this order – collectively called IP Rights – that will be used on this site by the claimant, remains and will continue to remain  the sole property of, and the customer will, under no circumstances, will own any part of the IP Rights in any regard, by using this discount.
  • The company or – WILL NOT be – liable / or held liable / responsible / or held responsible for – any impacts on the claimant, under any context or pretext – social, economical (or) any impacts due to the claiming this discount  (or) for any experience – online or otherwise – involved in claiming this offer of any kind. All liability / responsibility will lie with the claimant itself, and will be under the full responsibility/ authority for claiming this offer.